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Top 5 Teacher Appreciation Gifts

May 6-10 is Teacher Appreciation Week, and, for crying out loud, show your teacher some appreciation! Your child’s teachers are the ones who spend time with them everyday and observe and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Teaching is often referred to as a thankless profession and, at times, it really is. Teachers are a big part of who your child grows up to be, so appreciate them! This post contains some of my top picks of teacher gifts. If your looking for gifts for a teacher, take these suggestions. Skip the apples and impress him or her with these great, unique buys!

1. Coffee Mugs 

Teachers need lots of energy, and chances are coffee is their best friend. Choose one of these funny coffee mugs or let them get you started in your search for the right one. 

After Coffee Mug

Teacher Nutritional Facts Mug

Teacher Definition Mug

2. Tote Bag

Teacher’s need to lug important items back and forth to school everyday. Give them a stylish tote bag that lets the world know the great things they do. 

“I Teach” Tote

Teacher Preach Motivational Teacher Bag

Change The World Tote

3. Notebooks

Teachers take lots of notes! A notebook is a great inexpensive gift for teacher appreciation week. Remind him or her everyday how you feel with these notebooks covered with motivational quotes.

“An Awesome Teacher Is” Notebook

Thanks for Being A Great Teacher Notebook

Prefer Education Rockstar Notebook

4. Key Ring

Lots of these key rings come in multipacks so you can give them all to one teacher, or divide them among many!

3-Piece Heart Key Rings

Chalkboard Themed Key Ring

2-Pack Teacher Key Rings

5. Cards/Gift Cards

Gift Cards never fail when you’re at a loss for what to get your teacher. Get one of these! A card pack is great if your child has lots of teachers.

Thank You To A Great Teacher

Inside reads “You’re the best”. 

4-Pack Teacher Appreciation Cards

Class Act Gift Card Holder

Other Great Gifts for Teachers

During Teacher Appreciation week, you want to include your child’s primary teacher, but don’t forget specialty teachers such as gym, art, or music. Don’t leave out tutors or other caregivers as well. Other great gifts include practical gifts and fun novelty gifts.

Teach Preach Stress Balls

MUAMAX Pen Holder

I Said No Pen

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

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