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Top 10 Educational Toys For Babies and Toddlers – August 2018 Guide

This month I’ve collected a brand new list of top educational toys for toddlers. Many of the toys on this list are new releases but there are some that are some old favorites and best sellers. I’ve included items from a wide range of brands and prices. All of the toys on this list are educational and contribute to your child’s development. Whether you’re a teacher or homeschooler, parent or babysitter, the toys on this list will not only help babies and toddlers learn but will keep them entertained. 

1. CHBC Baby Beech Wooden Rattle Teethers Montessori Toys – Wooden Baby Rattle Teether

Recommended Ages: 3 months and up

Material(s): Wood

Size: 12.1x6cm/4.76×2.36in

Batteries: Not required.

Color: Choose from 3 styles, A, B, or C

This Montessori inspired toy allows your baby to develop motor and visual development while they enjoy exploring the new sounds and objects on their new rattle. You can choose from three styles of the rattle or just buy all three to give your child a greater experience. The rattles have a unique design with an easy to grip handle. The natural wood material makes it perfectly safe for your baby to mouth and play. The design and material with specifically help with baby teething. 

2. Teytoy Infant Baby Early Education Rattles

Recommended Ages: 0-36 months

Material(s): Cotton, Fabric

Size: 7.1 x 7.1 x 2 inches, 3.52 ounces

Batteries: Not required.

Color: One pack of 4 rattles.

One purchase will get you four colorful rattles. Each block is equipped with a built-in bell that gives a clear sound that will not only grab your child’s attention but will help them to develop their hearing. It will also help to develop your child’s sensory, fine motor, logical and creative skills, just to name a few. The colors are not only bright, but they’re durable. They won’t fade in harsh sunlight. Each block features different colors, numbers, letters, and illustrations. There are also ribbons, teething toys, and mirrors. In all, your child will learn about animals, letters, fruits, numbers, and shapes!

3. B. Symphony Musical Toy Orchestra for Kids

Recommended Age: 36 months and up.

Material(s): Plastic

Size and Weight: 15 x 10 x 8.5 inches, 4.5 pounds.

Batteries: 6 AA batteries required (included).

Color(s): One unit with various pieces.

B. toys by Battat claims this toy is so addictive, you as a parent will be tempted to play while the kids are asleep! Grow the mind of your little Mozart with professional recordings of 13 musical instruments that your child can arrange to make different sounds as they play together. Your child can choose from the clarinet, tuba, guitar, flute, trumpet, xylophone, drums, cymbals, piano, accordion, violin, sitar, and koto. They can add up to six instruments to the middle to hear their own arrangement. Not only will they learn the sections of an orchestra, but they will develop creativity and imagination while gaining auditory stimulation. 

4. Battat Wooden Farm Activity Cube

Recommended Ages: 12 months and up.

Materials: Wood.

Size and Weight:  13.4 x 11.8 x 17.7 inches, 14 pounds

Batteries: None required.

Colors: One unit. 

Help your child to learn about common farm animals as well as letters, shapes, and more. This wooden farm activity cube contains many different activities that will capture the curiosity of your toddler and keep them playing for hours. The four-sided activity cube contains a wire and bead maze on the top and animal spinners, open and close doors, a flip puzzle, and squiggly tracks on the sides. This toy will help your child to develop fine motor skills while enhancing their curiosity and imagination.

5. Play Learn Grow Portable Multi-Function Activity Table

Recommended Ages:  18 months and up.

Materials: Safe thermoplastic polymer ABS.

Size and Weight: 11 x 10.2 x 6.7 inches, 1.69 pounds

Batteries: 3 AA batteries required (not included).

Colors: One unit.

This portable baby toddler multi-function activity table by Play Learn Grow is sure to give your toddler a great time. The table will introduce your child to colors, shapes, numbers, animals, lights, and sounds. They’ll learn to identify animal sounds and musical notes as well. The bright colors and many buttons to push will give your baby a multi-sensory experience. You can place the table on a flat surface or stand it up on the legs. You can even bring it in the car to help pass a long ride! As a bonus, Play Learn Grow has included six free animal puzzles (pictured) to give your baby a new fine motor experience. 

6. Rasie Toy – Baby’s First Soft Book

Recommended Ages: 0 months and up.

Materials: Soft cloth.

Size and Weight: 8.4 x 7.4 x 1.8 inches, 3.52 ounces

Batteries: None required. 

Colors: One unit.

It’s never too early for your baby to develop an appreciation for books! With Baby’s First Soft Book by Rasie Toy, you’ll have a chance to read and bond with your child, laying the groundwork for many new reading experiences to come. This simple story about a bumble bee allows your child to interact with the story as you read it. They’ll enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror, feeling the crinkly pages, and opening and closing the flaps. The bright colors, varying patterns, and touch and feel textures will hold their attention and develop sensory abilities. They’ll look forward to the many books you’ll get them in the future after having fun with this book!

7. Markkeer Stacking Cups

Recommended Ages: 6 months and up.

Materials: Plastic, 100% BPA Free, Rubber

Size and Weight: 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches, 12 ounces

Batteries: None required.

Colors: One unit, various.

Summer isn’t over yet, so why not get some more beach toys for your little one? This set includes 11 stacking cups and 6 rubber bath toys, a total of 17 pieces. The stacking cups are great for dry land or in the water. They are marked with numbers and letters and have two waterholes to make filling and draining easy at the beach, pool, or in the tub. The cups are printed with bright colors and letters and help your child develop fine motor skills as they repeatedly stack and take down the cups. Children also build good organization skills and practical abilities. 

8. Sugoo Changing Faces Phone

Recommended Ages: 3-24 months

Materials: Non-toxic plastic and electric components.

Size and Weight: 5.9 x 2.7 x 2 inches, 5.3 ounces

Batteries: 3 AAA Batteries required (not included).

Colors: Choose from Yellow or Green.

Does your baby keep grabbing for your phone? Well, you can’t blame them. It’s big and shiny and colorful, perfect for their little eyes. Now you can get them their very own phone. The Sugoo Changing Faces Phone will help your child learn about color perception, technology, improve learning ability, and broaden their imagination. The musical phone improves tactile, auditory, and cognitive abilities, just to name a few. Your child has many colorful buttons they can press to their little heart’s desire, and they’ll love watching the changing faces on the screen of the phone. Sounds include laughter, music, ringtones, songs, and voice numbers.

9. Dreampark Wooden Shape Color Sorting Stacking Blocks

Recommended Ages: 12 months and up.

Materials: Wood, Water-based Paint

Size and Weight: 12 x 2 x 2 inches, 6.4 ounces

Batteries: None required.

Colors: Various, one unit.

Give your baby a headstart in geometry with the Dreampark Wooden Shape and Color Sorting Blocks. Your child can sort the blocks on the stand, or take them all out to build their own creative structure. Working with the blocks helps to develop your baby’s hand-eye coordination and logical thinking ability while finding the corresponding positions. The geometric shapes will not only help your child learn colors but new shapes as well. You as the parent to work with them to find how these shapes correspond to everyday life. 

10. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag – 80 Piece

Recommended Ages: 12 months – 5 years.

Materials: Plastic.

Size and Weight: 12 x 6 x 14 inches, 1 pound

Batteries: None required.

Colors: Choose from Classic (pictured), Pink, Stack and Learn Math or Trendy packs.

Your child will have hours of fun with this 80-piece block set by Mega Bloks. The large size and bright colors will grab your child’s attention while helping them to develop creativity and fine motor skills. They will also exercise their imaginations while they build an endless variety of structures. This set encourages hands-on play for young children. You can also enhance their fun by combining these blocks with other Mega Blok sets. Choose from the classic set, pink set, stack and learn math with numbers printed on the blocks, or the trendy set. Give your child a block party and buy them all! When you’re done playing, store the blocks in the PVC-free portable zip bag.

Have a happy month of shopping for your toddler! See you next month with a brand new list of picks!

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