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Top 10 Educational Preschool Toys – July 2018 Guide


It’s already a new month! July is a great time. It’s the month of Independence Day which means great outings and barbecues. Just because we’re in the middle of the summer doesn’t mean learning stops. After doing some searching I came across my favorite educational preschool toys for July. I always try to find the toys that are the newest, unique, and educational of course.

Here is this month’s list of the best educational preschool toys to enjoy this month.

1. Meland Marble Run Toy – 122 Marble Game STEM Learning Toy

Recommended Ages: 4+

The Meland Marble Run Toy allows for children to practice their STEM skills while having hours of fun. This STEM-inspired game is perfect for some educational fun on a rainy day or to play with before having screen time. Boys and girls alike will enjoy creating new structures while developing patience and problem-solving skills. While they’ll be thrilled by the end result, they also need to connect the pieces just right for the marble to run correctly.

2. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Bug-Catching Net

Recommended Ages: 36 Months-6 years

You can enhance your walks in the park with a bug catching net. This toy will help your child develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills when they chase and catch bugs to get a closer look. This net is a great introduction to science and biology as they explore the surrounding nature. They’ll also develop an appreciation for creepy-crawlies by getting a look at them up close. Want to enhance their experience even more? Read them Bugs A to Z by Caroline Lawton before heading out.

3. Kinetic Sand The One and Only

Recommended Ages: 3+

Don’t live near the beach? Your child can build their dream sand castle right in their own backyard. The great thing about Kinetic Sand is that it involves very little cleanup. It feels wet but leaves their hands dry. It’s easy for them to mold into whatever shape they want, allowing them to exercise their little imaginations for hours. The sand never dries or hardens so they can use it over and over again. What else is great? It’s made from real beach sand. It’s non-toxic, of course. One bag will give you 3lbs of sand. Not enough? Order 2. Or 3. Or 4! Watch them mold endless shapes. If you want to give them some help, try the Kinetic Sand Toys.

4. Float and Find Alphabet Bubbles

Recommended Ages: 24 Months-6 years

Turn water time into some more learning time. The floating bubbles have upper and lower case letters on one side, and they have pictures of things that begin with the corresponding letter on the opposite side. This toy will allow your child to cool off and learn at the same time. Children can use this to practice letter recognition, learn the alphabet, and matching letters and sounds by comparing the letters with the corresponding pictures.

5. Design and Build Water Blocks

Recommended Ages: 3-6 years

Your preschooler can practice their building skills by using the Design and Build Water Blocks. These blocks mold together when they get wet so your child can easily recreate cityscapes or design their own buildings. These blocks were made to be used in water so you can bring them to the pool or use them in your backyard. The set includes 30 different pieces (29 blocks and a flat mat to build on), a mesh bag, and a guide. The manufacturer states that “children [can] build anything they want while exploring concepts of balance and cause and effect.”

Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels

6. Create-A-Burger Sequencing Stacker

Recommended Ages: 3-5 years

Your kids can enjoy cookout time with their very own burgers! The Create-A-Burger Sequencing Stacker allows children to play with food while developing their fine motor skills and practicing sequencing. This toy comes with 10 cards with different sequencing patterns to practice, a wooden base, and seven different wooden ingredients such as a wooden burger, lettuce, and bun.

7. Wooden Magnetic Matching Picture Game

Recommended Ages: 3-6 years

This will keep your preschooler occupied for hours, rain or shine. Kids love sticking and pulling and this game will satisfy a lot of curiosities and allow them to create many scenes. Since there are many possibilities, the kids can play for a very long time. There are more than 100 wooden magnets, 2 double-sided background cards, and 4 double-sided suggestion cards. When they’re done playing, the kids can pack everything up in the wooden case. This magnetic picture game allows kids to develop fine motor skills, color recognition, matching, and problem-solving skills.

8. Blossom Bright Kids’ Magnifying Glass

Recommended Ages: 4-6 years

The Blossom Bright Kids’ Magnifying Glass allows kids to see the world around them from a whole new perspective. They can start right in the backyard by exploring plants and bugs. At only $4.99, this magnifying glass gives your child an introduction to the science world without breaking the bank. Try sending your child on a scavenger hunt with their new magnifying glass.

Can’t make it to the beach? Make sand castles with Kinetic Sand The One and Only!
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

9. Meyall 52-Piece 3D Magnetic Building Block Set

Recommended Ages: 3+

With this 3D Magnetic Building Block Set, your child can begin to explore architecture, engineering, math, and technology. Children can also develop skills in color and shape recognition, creativity, manipulation, motor skills, problem-solving, and design. Kids can build things like fish, submarines, windmills, and more. The possibilities are endless. Build even more by combining this magnet set with others. The manufacturer states that this toy is used by teachers to demonstrate geometry and shapes, especially for children with ADHD or autism spectrum disorders.

10. Learning Resources Alphabee Toy (44 pieces)

Recommended Ages: 2+

These colorful blocks will make learning the alphabet fun. The 44-piece set includes double-sided blocks with numbers from 1-10, capital and lowercase letters A-Z, and common shapes. The blocks come in a sturdy carrying case that allows them to bring their toys with them. Once your kids have mastered letter, number, and shape recognition, they can practice making small words such as DOG or CAT. You can put the blocks together to create larger numbers to recognize. If you run out of ideas, the set comes with activity cards with suggestions and lessons to enhance your experience.

Whether it’s water play or building a tower on a hot or rainy day, your child will not run out of educational possibilities this month.


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  • Some great educational toys. Why not let the children play and learn something at the same time. In some cases–or perhaps many cases–they may not even be aware that they are learning, but they are; they are thoroughly enjoying it too. I have a niece about this age range who would love playing with any of these. Thank you for this nice post.

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