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Must Have Mondays: SNOO Smart Sleeper Now Everyone Sleeps Better

Thanks to technology, bassinets have gone far beyond just a place to sleep. Now you can monitor your baby’s sleep patterns, track breathing and heart rate, and even lull them back to sleep, without even being in the room.

I learned about the SNOO Smart Sleeper on Instagram. One of my favorite mom influencers, Laura Iz, reviewed it in her Instagram story, renting it for her second child. I knew I had to check this product out for myself, especially after seeing it in action. Yes, it really works.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is a technology-empowered bassinet that helps your baby get better sleep by imitating the womb.

SNOO Smart Sleeper At A Glance

Product: SNOO Smart Sleeper

Price: $1295.00 (purchase), under $5 a day (rental)

Where to Buy (or Rent): Happiest Baby

Product Size: 30” L x 16” W x 32” H with the legs and 38 pounds

Guarantee: 30-Day Guarantee, and with the rental option you can always return it anytime

Recommended Use: Up to 6 months or until baby can get on hands and knees. Max baby weight is 25 pounds

My Rating: 10.0 out of 10.0

Background and Overview

Dr. Harvey Karp founded Happiest Baby, a parenting solutions company, with Nina Montee Karp in 2001. Dr. Karp was a pediatrician for 25 years, served on the faculty of the USC School of Medicine and a recognized fellow with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Nina Karp is a children’s activist, producer, and director. She also works as a founding member of Healthy Child Healthy World, a non-profit organization committed to protecting children from harmful chemical threats.

Dr. Karp recognized that parents have very busy lives these days. In many households, both parents must work while raising families. Losing sleep is a luxury that cannot be afforded in many households. Still, waking up during the night is a natural occurrence in newborns that isn’t going away. Many desperate parents hire what they call “nocturnal nannies”, overnight caregivers who specialize in caring for babies at night while parents get some much-needed sleep.

This isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, it’s a great idea. A nanny service in Phoenix, AZ started to offer the service. These caregivers not only help parents get through the first nights with a newborn, but they also help the parents to maintain their babies on a regular feeding and sleep schedules.

Most of us don’t have access to this luxury. The SNOO is the next best thing. This bassinet cuddles your baby in a comfortable swaddle and gently rocks them to sleep. It saves you the trouble of manually rocking the bassinet for who knows how long until your child falls asleep.

That Hour Means A Lot

You know how much you appreciate the fall back hour during the Fall Equinox. So it is no small feat that SNOO makers promise babies an extra hour of sleep every night, at least. The bassinet responds to your baby’s cries with appropriate motions.

If your baby just needs to fall asleep, it swings slowly and plays recordings of soft rain. If your baby is a bit more upset, it jiggles a bit fasters and plays white noise, imitating the womb. It adjusts to your baby actions with gradually stronger white noises and motions, often calming cries within one minute. Amazingly, this works!

Other great features of the SNOO include: 

    • Comes with a fitted sheet and three SNOO sacks, all made of organic cotton.
    • Includes three white noise sounds to help your child calm or sleep.
    • Includes several microphones so it can easily detect any sound your baby makes
    • The gradual weaning feature makes for an easy transition to the crib
    • Breathable mesh siding to ensure healthy air flow

Pros and Cons

SNOO Smart Sleeper Pros

  • A rental option makes the price much easier on the wallet, and easy to unload once your baby outgrows it
  • Sleek, neutral design that won’t clash with your decor, where ever you choose to keep it
  • Keeps your baby on their back with swaddle wings

SNOO Smart Sleeper Cons

  • Assembly may make it difficult to move from room to room
  • The purchase price is high. Fortunately, Happiest Baby realizes this and have introduced a rental option
  • Only includes one small, medium, and large SNOO sack (one in each size), and one fitted sheet. Parents have to purchase extras separately.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we’ll address some questions that may come to mind to some parents considering SNOO.

Can I use SNOO if my baby has acid reflux?

Yes. Happiest Baby sells special leg lifters (click here) that will put your baby on a slight incline if they have severe acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux or GER and your doctor recommends elevation of the head.

Of course, since SNOO helps to reduce crying, it may also reduce spitting up since babies tighten their stomachs and spit up more when they cry.

Is the SNOO mattress waterproof?

Yes, the top of the side is waterproof. You can clean it by spot treating with water and a damp cloth.

How does SNOO keep my baby safe?

With swaddle wings that keep your baby on their back, your baby will be kept from rolling on his or her stomach, falling out of the bassinet, or hip dysplasia, just to name a few.

The features of SNOO will keep your baby safe in their own crib and you as a parent won’t be tempted to bring them to bed with you.

Final Notes

The SNOO Smart Sleeper can be purchased or rented from Happiest Baby, a company that also provides useful accessories to use with the SNOO Smart Sleeper. One of the most unique features of this product is the ability to rent it. Since the SNOO is best suited for newborns 6 months and under, renting is a great option. Rent for a minimum of one month. Your initial charge includes the first month and a $175 refundable deposit.

You get free shipping both ways and you get to keep the included swaddles and sheet. Your card is charged automatically until you cancel. Happiest Baby will refund unused days in your final month once your return the SNOO.

You also have access to a free SNOO app that allows you to change settings and view daily sleep reports.

The SNOO is a life-saving invention. Just the thought of getting better sleep for your baby, and in turn getting better sleep for yourself, is a strong motivating factor to try this product. And with the option to rent and free shipping, you’ve really got nothing to lose!

Whitney Foster is an entrepreneur and educator from Cleveland, OH. She's a foodie and loves crafting, particularly crochet and cross stitching. She also loves children and learning about the world around her.

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