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Mother Goose Time Curriculum Review

Product: Mother Goose Time Early Learning Curriculum

Best Place to Buy: mothergoosetime.com

Program: Early Childhood Education

Format: Physical Kit

My Rating: 10/10

Mother Goose Time Overview

Mother Goose Time is a research-based curriculum that combines a unique model of teacher support, childhood experiences, and family engagement. Mother Goose Time believes that parents should be able to learn with children. They understand that children have a natural curiosity that helps them to learn. As a result, they’ve designed their program to appeal to children’s natural learning styles while incorporating their caregiver and/or family into the program.

Mother Goose Time Pros and Cons


  • Monthly Themes
  • Age-Appropriate Curriculums
  • All-Inclusive — Just open and teach


  • Price
  • May be too much material for some
  • Time Consuming

Mother Goose Time Features and Benefits


The great thing about the Mother Goose Time is that the set is all-inclusive. Parents love the ease of being able to open the box and start teaching. The kits include everything you’ll need for the unit and more. You won’t need to worry about running to the craft store because you’re missing anything. The saying, “You get what you pay for” applies here because, while the kit may be a bit pricey, you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional material.

Included materials include lesson planning for literacy, math, music and movement, science, art, and social studies. Parents also have the option of purchasing additional supplies if they want their children to have more exposure to a particular area.  Additional kits available for purchase include topic such as:

  • The Experience God Program
    • Children have the opportunity to follow a curriculum with a Christian foundation.
  • The Dance N’ Beats Program
    • The Dance N’ Beats program allows children to improve coordination, balance, and creativity through this movement-based program.
  • The Experience Toy Box Program
    • The Experience Toy Box program provides caregivers and teachers with a collection of educational toys following a different theme every month. For example, the month of October has a theme of “Down on the Farm”.

Child Folio

The ChildFolio is designed with educators in mind. The ChildFolio allows you to gather pictures, videos, and audio recordings from lessons. You have the opportunity to keep notes and records and assign skill and skill levels. Educators can include families in their children’s education programs. They can forward videos, images, and resources in the application. Parents can even comment on notes posted by educators.

The ChildFolio program is a great way for educators to keep track of skills and developments. Keeping track allows educators to view improvements over time with graphs and charts. Even parents who are homeschooling can use ChildFolio to keep track of developments over time. It’s a great way to stay organized, especially if you’re teaching more than one child.

Customize Your Curriculum

You have the option to create a customizable curriculum depending on the age and abilities of your children. Start by ordering a base curriculum. Do you have toddlers? Order simplified materials. Are your children getting ready to start kindergarten? Choose more challenging materials. Finally, you can choose to add on an additional kits of the Experience God, Dance N’ Beats, or the Experience Toy Box Program.

The Experience Baby Program

The Experience Baby Program is Mother Goose Time’s newest addition. This program is designed for infants from 0-18 months. The program allows infants and caregivers to develop relationships. The activities give babies a chance to explore their environments and learn at the same time. Parents and caregivers can also download a free developmental skills chart. Like all other programs, each monthly kit centers on a theme such as The Five Senses, Baby STEM, or Colors and Shapes.

Each Experience Baby Kit includes:

  • 36 Shared Experience Cards
  • A Planning Calender
  • A New Toy Each Month
  • A Baby Music CD
  • A Board Book
  • A “Read With Me” Book List
  • Storytelling Puppets
  • 6 Picture Cards
  • A Rhyme Poster
  • and more!!

The Experience Toddler Program

The Experience Toddler program is designed for children from 18-36 months. Mother Goose Time states that their toddler program helps to nurture relationships between children and caregivers and helping them to express their feelings. It also provides sensory-rich play allowing children to explore their imaginations through the arts. Each Experience Toddler Program kit includes:

  • 80 activity cards
  • 4 Books
  • Toddler Tunes CD
  • 4 Weekly Planners
  • Daily Schedule
  • Sticker Projects
  • Newsletters
  • Dramatic Play Props
  • Collaging and Painting Projects

The Little Goose Program

The Little Goose Program is designed for households or care centers with a group of mixed-age kids. Focused on children ages 2 1/2 to 5, parents and educators won’t have to worry about finding appropriate material for those “in-betweenies”. Each Little Goose program kit includes games, activities and art projects, all approriate for a multi-age group.

Every month, the Little Goose program also provides 20 Play Tray ideas. These are Montessori-inspired activities that are easy to set up anywhere. Sometimes toddlers need a little space, and these play trays allow you to give it to them.

Preschool and Pre-K

Of course, you have preschool and Pre-K programs. Each program works to bring learning to life. The preschool program is designed for children ages 2 1/2-5 years of age. They are free to develop literacy by discovering letters and a new word list each month. They also get an introduction to sight words. They read books and begin to write. Children also begin to explore numbers and counting with new counting card monthly.

The Pre-K program is designed to help children get ready for kindergarten. Geared towards children ages 4-5 1/2, this program builds on the concept learned in preschool while presenting children with more challenging material.  The Pre-K program includes books More Literacy and More Math, with assessment sheets at the back of each book.

Final Thoughts

Mother Goose Time is a great program for homeschoolers and educators. The variety of levels provide something that would interest every child. It’s a great feature that programs such as Experience God is separate from secular materials, in case instructors don’t want that in their program. Mother Goose Time is available at www.mothergoosetime.com. They offer sample lessons so you can try it for yourself. While the program is monthly, you can start or stop your subscription at any time.

Head over and give it a try!

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