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Monday Minute July 9-15: From Generosity to the French Revolution

Minute Monday is a new series to give a brief overview of what Plans and Toys will cover for the week, plus any additional thoughts.

I can’t believe Plans and Toys is already a week old! When I was teaching every day, one of my favorite things about the job was looking for fun activities to plan. Now, I can still plan those activities and share them with you on Plans and Toys. And thank goodness for Pinterest. The ideas never stop there!

This week is a busy one for national holidays. I find they’re a great source of blog topics because I get so many ideas for early childhood activities from them. Also, young children love planning activities around the holidays, and it gives them an excuse to learn about different cultures.

Coming up this week:

Toddler Tuesday

Toddler Tuesday discusses how to build a great toddler library.

I’ve dedicated Tuesdays to the toddlers! For this week’s Toddler Tuesday, I’ve decided to talk about building your toddler’s first library. Many of us remember classics from our childhood that we share with children today. Those classics will be on the list along with some newer books.


This week we observe National Cheer Up The Lonely Day on July 11th and National Give Something Away Day on July 15th. It’s a great time to talk to kids about generosity and helping them to develop empathy. I’ve gathered some activities in a blog post to help you get started.


Help your child learn more about horses with the activity suggestions I’ve gathered. National I Love Horses Day is on July 15th. Visit a stable or keep things at home with crafts and books!

Bastille Day

Whether or not you’re of French descent, Bastille Day is a great opportunity to study French culture. I have a soft spot for anything French since I started studying it when I was nine. Look up some recipes, crafts, or books to help your child develop an appreciation for the French.

It’s going to be a busy week full of great activities and learning opportunities! See you tomorrow.

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