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Minute Monday August 20-24: Back to School Deals You Can’t Miss

We’re back again for another Minute Monday and this week I’ve decided to write about some back to school promotions. If the kids haven’t started school yet, they will be in the next coming weeks. I know for a fact that going back to school can be expensive (I also know how well my parents remember!)

Those mile long back to school lists and not to mention the cool new supplies your kids may be bugging you for all have price tags that will add up. I’ve gathered some of the biggest back to school promotions online to give you a quick glance at the specials that are online right now. Some of these are stores you may be familiar with, while others are new to you. They all have back to school promotions directed at parents who want to save money, like you.

Back to School Money Saving Tips

These days, some schools are requiring parents to contribute more. That can get costly fast. Follow some of these money-saving tips to make sure you don’t break the bank this fall.

  • Shop at the dollar store.
    • I find Dollar Tree to be my favorite. Not only is everything actually a dollar, but you’d be surprised at what’s hidden in some locations.
  • Follow your favorite stores on social media.
    • Sometimes, stores will release special deals and coupons exclusive to their followers.
  • Visit thrift stores.
    • Don’t underestimate thrift stores when back to school shopping. If your child is required to follow a dress code, you may be able to find basic items like white shirts and black and khaki pants at these places priced very reasonably.
  • Take advantage of end-of-season sales
    • Many stores are marking down summer items to make room for the fall selection. Stock up on these clearance items. Many of these closes can be worn year-round.
  • Look for special promotions.
    • Many stores are running back to school promotions starting in August through September. Look for them at your favorite stores.

See below for some promotions I’ve gathered. These links are unique to Plans and Toys so click below to take advantage!



Barnes and Noble

Famous Footwear






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