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Celebrate November! Fun Holidays to Celebrate Together

I know, I know, November is the Thanksgiving month. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break from the (sometimes) overwhelming festivities to find creative holidays to celebrate together, and learn something in the process. This month’s list of unique holidays for kids includes celebrating everything from buttons to fudge! Here’s what’s in store for November.

National Daily Observances

November 1

1. National Family Literacy Day

2. National Cook for Your Pets Day

3. National Brush Day

  • Check your toothbrush? Is it time to update?

November 3

4. National Sandwich Day

  • Try to come up with your own creations!

November 4

5. National Candy Day

  • Self-explanatory!

6. End of Daylight Savings Time

November 5

7. National Doughnut Day

8. National Love Your Red Hair Day

  • Gingers Rejoice!

November 6

9. Saxophone Day

10. National Nachos Day

November 7

11. National Stress Awareness Day

  • Practice some mindfulness skills together

November 8

12. S.T.E.M/S.T.E.A.M Day

13. National Parents As Teachers Day

November 9

14. Go To An Art Museum Day

November 10

15. National Vanilla Cupcake Day

November 11

16. National Sundae Day

17. Veterans Day

November 12

18. National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day

  • The kids will appreciate the “except anchovies” part!

November 13

19. World Kindness Day

20. National Indian Pudding Day

November 14

21. National Support For Educational Workers Day

22. National Pickle Day

November 15

23. National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

24. Great American Smokeout

  • Every year on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, smokers pledge not to smoke for the day. Offer encouragement to a soon-to-be-nonsmoking friend!

November 16

25. National Button Day

  • Do you know a button collector? Recognize them today or start a button collection of your own!

November 17

26. National Homemade Bread Day

27. National Adoption Day

November 18

28. National Princess Day

29. Mickey Mouse Birthday

November 19

30. National Play Monopoly Day

November 20

31. National Peanut Butter Fudge Day

32. Future Teachers of America Day

33. National Absurdity Day

  • Do the most absurd thing you can think of (within reason that is)!

November 21

34. National Gingerbread Cookie Day

November 22

35. Thanksgiving Day

November 23

36. National You’re Welcomegiving Day

  • What comes after thanks? Be sure to say you’re welcome!

37. National Native American Heritage Day

38. National Buy Nothing Day

  • Think you can pass up Black Friday deals? Try making something instead.

November 24

39. National Sardines Day

  • Try some!

November 25

40. National Parfait Day

November 26

41. National Cake Day

November 27

42. National Day of Giving #GivingTuesday

November 28

43. National French Toast Day

November 29

44. Electronic Greetings Day

  • Have any long distance relatives? Send them a greeting via social media.

November 30

45. National Mississippi Day

46. Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

  • You Matter! Use this time to do something fun together.

Weekly Observances

47. National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (First Week of November)

48. Dear Santa Letter Week (Second Week of November)

49. National Young Readers Week (November 13th-17th)

50. American Education Week (November 13th-17th)

51. National Game and Puzzle Week (Week of Thanksgiving)

Monthly Obervances

52. Adopt A Senior Pet Month

53. Aviation History Month

54. Banana Pudding Lovers Month

55. Family Stories Month

56. Vegan Month

International Observances

November 14

57. World Diabetes Day

November 20

58. Universal Children’s Day






Whitney Foster is an entrepreneur and educator from Cleveland, OH. She's a foodie and loves crafting, particularly crochet and cross stitching. She also loves children and learning about the world around her.

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