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About Plans and Toys

Welcome to Plans and Toys, a website featuring toys and activities for you to share with your little one, whether you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or anyone else who spends time with children.


I knew from an early age that I loved children, but I didn’t gain professional experience until after college. Aside from a couple of field experiences, I never thought I would work with small children. My dream was actually to teach middle school English and History. My dreams fell apart when my university eliminated its education program the year I enrolled. I ended up taking general education courses without the certification track.

I was in need of a job after college and I came across an opening in a child care center. I was offered the position with babies, very far from junior high school English. The second I stepped into the room I knew that I was where I was meant to be. Not just because babies are cute, but because I felt as if I was their first contact with the outside world. I loved watching them explore the world around them and see things for the first time. I felt special to develop bonds with each infant I cared for. My past courses in general education were coming to good use. I wrote my first lesson plans in this position, and writing lesson plans for babies is NOT easy.

Eventually, my health began to take a nosedive and I had to take a break from working full time. I never completely left childcare. Over the years I have worked with children from infancy to prekindergarten. I loved every minute of it.


I have worked in childcare since 2012. I have been in and out of at least 5 daycare centers. I have seen varying degrees of quality, planning, and care. I have found one of the hardest parts of teaching is discovering new and fresh plans that are age-appropriate. Also, times have changed greatly, even in the few years since I started. To be honest, when I was a child, my parent’s idea of quality care was just making sure I was safe. Even if that meant sitting in a corner all day, which I did at my sitter’s house. Yes, I was safe. But forcing a child to sit still while you watch soaps is hardly quality.

I’ve also worked in places where children just play aimlessly all day. The education is hidden in educational toys. While educational toys are useful, they shouldn’t be the only tool for education. It’s up to the caregiver to interact with the child and develop a bond.

Luckily, today we have a wide range of resources to keep children entertained and educated, but there’s so much of it that it can get overwhelming. I work to gather resources using my experience and education to determine what should work best.


This site will help you to gather activities that will work best for your child or the children you are instructing. This website will search for creative ways to help you think outside the box. This website will go beyond snacks and naps and help you develop real relationships with children. They will learn and grow closer to you as a caregiver. By engaging them at an early age, you will create positive qualities that will guide them throughout their lives.

All the best,


Welcome to Plans and Toys!

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