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15 Ways to Celebrate Candy With Your Kids

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National Lollipop Day 2018 is Friday, July 20. It seems like the perfect opportunity to plan a candy themed party and indulge your sweet tooth. Not that we need a special day to enjoy candy, but lollipops take us back to a place of innocence and fun. Taking the fun to a new level and planning a candy-themed party will extend the fun and give your kids something to remember.

Lollipop Fun Facts

Lollipops were sold in the United States along with other candies in shops and drug stores during the mid-19th century. However, lollipops became official in 1908 thanks to a man named George Smith. He created the lollipop as we know it today. He named it lollipop after his favorite racing horse, Lolley Pops. Lollipop Day was created by the National Confectioners Association.

  • It takes approximately 364 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop
  • It was The Lollipop Guild who welcomed Dorothy to Munchkin Land in the Wizard of Oz.
  • In 1934, Shirley Temple sang her famous song “On the Good Ship Lollipop” in the movie,  Bright Eyes  ( It’s stuck in my head now :))
  • The world’s largest lollipop was created in 2012 by See’s Candies of California. It weighed over 7 pounds and it was national lollipop day chocolate-flavored.
  • You like bugs? Visit Hotlix for lollipops with edible bugs, worms, and scorpions inside.


Hopefully, I haven’t just killed your appetite up there. If you’re still with me, congrats! For your candy themed party, try some of these fun recipes!


Have some fun with these candy-themed games!


Round things out with these fun candy crafts!

At The End Of The Day

Since it’s a national holiday, feel free to indulge all you want. Just don’t forget to brush! Happy Lollipops!


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